The Sandasz System is a tiny star system comprising of a single star, Sandasz, with two moons orbiting it. The moons are Conjunctivitus and Lush.



Conjunctivitus is a moon covered in a single city. It was ruled by the Conjunctivites until the Hundanikii made an alliance with them and they formed a Triumvirate with the Solomonites. This formed the very border of the Hundanik Empire. It is also shared with Mimics, creatures who copy you for their amusement. Their sole purpose in life is to annoy Conjunctivites, but they are harmless reallly.

Conjunctivitus was a moon that left the Hundanik Empire when they started conquering worlds with force.


Lush is a tropical moon covered in jungles, mountains, waterfalls, seas and volcanic islands. It is the homeworld of the Lushiis, a species of sentient quadropeds that divided into tribes centuries ago. They refused to be part of the Hundanik Empire or, indeed, any other Empire. Only the islands of the moon where the Lushiis live are explored, everywhere else on the moon is unknown.