The Hundaniki were a sentient species that evolved three-and-a-half Aeons ago. They founded the now dwindling Hundanik Empire. The word "hundanikiioid" is used to describe an upright sentient creature with under eight arms, under six legs and one head, like the Hundanikii. (In human language, this is the same as "humanoid".

Bronze/Silver Hundanik AeonsEdit

The Bronze and Silver Hundanik Aeons spanned the first two aeons of the Hundanikii race. During the Bronze Aeon they chased all species from their world of Hundanik and took control of the planet. During the Silver Aeon they invented space travel, travelled to their twin planet Solomon, and met the Solomonites, who taught them to make piece instead of fighting. Using the Solomonites' advice, they founded the Hundanik Empire and took over their star system using peaceful techniques instead of warlike ones.

Golden Hundanik AeonEdit

By the beginning of this third aeon of their history, the Hundanikii had united their entire star system and began peacefully uniting other systems. They founded the Hundanikii Empire, which thrived for the first twenty five thousand years of the Aeon. During the last five thousand years, however, the Hundanikii began taking over worlds in a warlike manner again, until the Solomonites left their empire. They refused to rejoin until the Hundanikii used more peaceful techniques again. The Firies and Space Faeries left the empire for the same reasons, marking the end of the Golden Aeon.

Black Hundanik AeonEdit

At the beginning of this final Aeon, the Hundanikii began besieging the Solomonite capital city of Solomonet. The invincible Firies and the high-tech Space Faeries helped protect the city, marking the begging of the thousand-year Solomonet War that ended with over 200 star systems fighting against the Hundanikii. They forced the Hundanikii back into their planet, giving them all the planets within their kingdoms that were worthless. The Hundanik Empire populated these planets, and right now they are still halfway through the Black Aeon. They have started an attempt to make peace with the Solomonites once more, restoring the balance in their ancient, broken empire.