Picture 4

Aslan, with the White Hypergiant in the background.

Aslan is a Gas Giant located in the very centre of the Galactikex Galaxy. It is a bluish-white colour, with several golden rings around it. Its inhabitants are the Angels, winged Hundanikiioid (humanoid) beings that are frequently seen travelling throughout the galaxy and even beyond, handing out goodness and peace wherever they go. They live at Aslan's core.

It is because of this reason that Heaven is supposed to lie at the planet's centre, a place where those who have not been bad go.

Aslan stays in a fixed position by the White Hypergiant at te galaxy's core, It does not orbit any star, or even turn, so there is no time there. The only reason there are days and nights on Aslan is the fact that the atmosphere changes every 12 hours.